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Sale - OOAK Ghost Doll Ibbur in Burial Lace and Dybbuk Box, Mourning Jewelry, Memento Mori

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These reproductions are inspired by dolls found in European and American households in the early 1800's. Head, hands and feet are constructed of a durable composition clay. the primitive body is made of muslin. The entire doll has been treated to a very stained and antiqued finish. Hands and feet are attached with ecru ribbon, the upper arms are stuffed and attached to the dress separately. All clay parts on the doll are hand sculpted using no molds.

This 18" doll is dressed in an antiqued muslin fabric with a tan satin ribbon tied about her bust. Her hair features sculpted curls at the base of her head. She wears a stiffened lace crown and dangling faux pearl earrings. Her neckline is embellished with intricate lace from front to back. Affixed to her bust is a silver and black mourning brooch with a tiny faux pearl in the center. She represents the Ibbur, a benevolent spirit, that tries to right the wrongs of the world. In her arms she guards a Dybbuk box sealed in hard red wax, which according to European Jewish folklore, holds a malevolent spirit. The contents of this box represent Vanity. A Golum figure wearing an eye amulet and tied with jute guards the spirit from escape. The box is painted cream with black stripes. The wax can be removed, if you dare. A gauze shroud is included and gives her an ethereal appearance when wrapped. Her eyes have a soft eerie red glow.