Up All Night Studio Regency Style Dolls


18th Century Diva

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All pieces are antiqued, clay parts have a gloss finish. These reproductions are inspired by dolls found in European and American households in the early 1800's. Head, hands and feet are constructed of a durable composition clay. the primitive body is made of muslin. The entire doll has been given an antiqued finish. Hands and feet are attached with ecru ribbon, the arms are all clay and wired to the body at the shoulder and elbows and hang loosely and are slightly pose-able. Her torso is made of clay covered cloth.
Her sculpted hair is styled in an 18th century hedgehog buffont with sausage curls, hand painted paper roses and foliage crowns her head. Glass faux-pearl earrings dangle from her ears. She has eyes that are beautifully painted a translucent blue and appear to cast her gaze slightly downward.

Her pastel rose painted bodice is embellished in a Wedgewood style floral motif. Her over skirt is a geometric floral of blue, warm pastel rose and green. A layered lace over skirt encircles her waist edged with a garland of hand painted paper roses and foliage. She wears a linen underskirt and a fixed muslin bum-roll under her skirts. Her heeled shoes have golden button accents. A metal doll stand with a dark wooden base is included. A dowel is inserted in stand for extra support. Exercise care when displaying her as some parts are fragile.
She is quite stunning!