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Ecru/Blue Floral Dress, Tiny 2" Doll- Lace Bonnet in Decoupage Box,

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Affordable, small, and lightweight - this item makes a wonderful gift!

These tiny 2" dolls arrive in a box with a decoupage lid featuring a foliage branch. The box measures 2.25" x 1.5" x 1". The doll measures 2" tall and is jointed at the shoulders and hips secured with looped wire. The wire gives her an authentically vintage look. These dolls are painted with sweet facial expressions and are dressed in various fabrics. The doll is protected in the box with brown crinkle shreds. The doll and box are not antiqued.

This doll is dressed in ecru and blue floral fabric. Her lace bonnet is affixed to her head and features a blue ribbon that is tied under her chin.