Up All Night Studio Regency Style Dolls


* Refunds are solely at the discretion of Up All Night Studio. Email us to authorize return. 

* No "on approval" purchases. Resellers of our dolls are welcome but may not resell on     Etsy or Ebay.  

* No returns for wholesale purchases.


* Packages that are delivered, but refused will not be refunded. Returns due to refusal to  pay VAT will lose buyer protection.  


* Custom orders are non returnable and non refundable


* We will no longer reserve any items.


* All purchases require payment within 8 hours.


* Items shown in delivery tracking as "delivered" are considered fulfilled. I can still assist in  finding your package, but cannot take responsibility of missing or stolen deliveries.


* Missing package investigations are opened and concluded by the USPS prior to a    refund  of missing packages.


* If damage occurs during shipping, keep all packaging so damage claim can be  investigated. Do NOT attempt to send package back which voids buyer/seller protection.