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Update: Blue satin fabric for small doll no longer available.

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These reproductions are inspired by dolls found in European and American households in the early 1800's. Head, hands and feet are constructed of a durable composition clay. the primitive body is made of muslin. The entire doll has been given an antiqued finish. Hands and feet are attached with ecru ribbon, the upper arms are stuffed and attached to the dress separately. All clay parts on the doll are hand sculpted using no molds. Not a toy. This is an art doll and cannot be undressed.

This particular 18" doll is dressed in an antiqued muslin dress with a Venetian lace neckline. An ash rose satin ribbon is tied about her bust. Her sculpted hair is painted brown and styled in curl clusters at the front of face her and long sausage curls cascading down her shoulders. Her eyes are painted in the color you choose and detailed. She wears slippers that are painted on.

She wears a removable straw bonnet which features a pleated satin garland with a trio of gorgeous pink paper rose clusters on  blue satin ribbon and bows. The bonnet is lined with lace, satin ribbon is sewn on for the bonnet ties.

The hand painted brooch on her bust depicts a simple house nestles among blue sky, pink rose bushes, and a tree.

In her arms sits a 6 inch doll with sculpted  hair in the color of your choice featuring a gold floral headband. She is dressed in solid light blue fabric. Her skin is painted white and antiqued. 

She is shipped from a small business in Louisiana, ensuring that the doll is packaged carefully for safe delivery.

Custom Regency Doll in Bonnet and Smaller Fancy Doll -2 Doll Set

Skin color
Hair color
Eye color
6 Inch Doll Skin
6 Inch Doll Hair
6 Inch Doll Eyes
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