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These reproductions are typical of dolls found in European and American households in the early 1800's. Head, hands and feet are constructed of a durable composition clay. The primitive body is made of muslin. The entire doll has been treated to a stained and antiqued finish. Hands and feet are attached with ecru ribbon, the arms are unstuffed and attached to the dress separately. All clay parts on the doll are hand sculpted using no molds.


 This particuler 18" doll is dressed in antiqued and stained fabric and features a curl cluster atop her head. Everything else is up to you. You choose the skin, hair, eye, and ribbon color. Ready to ship in 14 days.


Long Sausage Curls - Customized 18" Regency Doll

Skin color
Hair color
Eye color
Dress color
Ribbon color
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