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Perfect for a doll's doll or doll for Hitty!


This 2" doll is a jointed at the shoulders and hips with wire loops,  and made of durable cold porcelain clay.  Her hair is sculpted into curly buns on each side of her head, she also wears painted on shoes. You choose the colors for skin, hair, eyes, and dress. She is also a perfect doll for Hitty or a larger doll to hold.


This tiny doll will arrive tucked inside a matchbox style sliding box that is labeled "Extraordinarily Small Dolls" along with crinkle shreds inside. Doll stand is not included. Please allow 2-3 weeks for delivery for custom orders.

Two Inch Regency Doll with Curly Side Buns - Customized, Choose Your Colors!

Skin color
Hair color
Eye color
Dress color
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